Robert enjoys helping to solve information security and cyber related challenges and problems for his clients.

    His real-world information security and data protection experience spans over eighteen years, based on a successful systems and project management background.


    We are constantly being bombarded with negative messages about challenges ahead of us; messages that continuously refer to terms like uncertainty, recession, revenue, growth, innovation, confidence, complexity, and chaos ... to name but a few!

    We need to adapt to this constantly changing world in order to compete and more importantly, survive. This adaption can be triggered by external political, economic, social and technological events, well beyond the boundaries of the organisation.


    The resulting organisational change should not be viewed as negative; if embraced, it can be harnessed to provide many positive transformational benefits for the organisation.

    These changes may need to take the form of updates to the organisation’s mission, values and vision. In addition, the associated strategic and operational plans may also need to be adjusted to reflect revised focus.


    Sometimes organisations need extra help with adapting to this constantly changing and uncertain world, to overcome a particular information security challenge or problem ... and this is where Robert can help.


    Organisational change can be a complex process with many dangers but with the right approach, it can be simplified and converted into something much more positive, beneficial and energising for everyone involved.

    To support this process, Robert provides the following specific services:

    - TURNAROUND... to help deliver

    - ASSURANCE... to help learn from the past

    - IMPLEMENTATION... to help organise

    - SUPPORT... to help achieve full potential

    - RESEARCH... to help find out more

Introducing ROBERT TOOGOOD - Core Skills

  1. Core Skills


    Robert enjoys helping to solve information security related challenges and problems for his clients... such as those associated with cyber security, digital risk, data privacy (including GDPR), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business resilience and risk management.

  2. Experience


    What do the following organisations have in common?

    Grant Thornton, Johnson & Johnson, Alpharma, Amersham Biosciences, Arjo Wiggins, Christofle/LBDe, WH Smith Business Supplies/Niceday, Sun Life of Canada, Dun & Bradstreet… to name but a few.

    They have all used Robert’s services to help bring order to challenging situations that are full of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty.

  3. Expertise


    For over thirty years, Robert has been using his experience and accumulated expertise to support complex organisational change, in diverse organisations right across the world.

    He has a strong systems and project management background, and is an independent subject matter expert in information security with specific expertise in areas such as cyber security, digital risk, data privacy (including GDPR), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business resilience and risk management.

  4. Ethics


    PASSIONATELY and enthusiastically caring about you and your problems/challenges.

    Working in PARTNERSHIP with and not in isolation from you, acting as your conscience and sounding board but challenging when appropriate.

    LISTENING to you and not imposing pre-conceived solutions, taking time to properly understand the context in which you operate and only then, using his experience to provide innovative solutions.

    Enjoying his work and hoping you will too.

  5. Method


    When working with clients, Robert uses his five-step ORDER™ approach to help them with their problems and challenges.

    As part of this approach, he focuses on the effective use of real-life experience and international best practice, through a pragmatic and sensitive application of this knowledge aligned with the unique needs of each client.

    He enjoys his work ... and hopes you will too.

  6. Research


    Robert has recently been awarded an MSc in Risk Management (Distinction).

    His research explored the barriers to implementing a more integrated and cost efficient approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities within projects and organisations.

    He is now investigating how solutions to these barriers can be used to assist with addressing increasingly complex challenges in the cyber security and digital risk areas.

  7. Professional Memberships


    Robert’s active membership of many professional associations such as Project Management Institute (PMI), International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Association for Project Management (APM), ensures he keeps up-up-to-date with the latest thinking and developments relating to projects, systems and risk.

  8. Evangelist


    Robert’s passion for organisational change is reflected in his enthusiastic relationship with his clients, both current and former.

    He is also a regular contributor to Social Media channels where he freely shares new thought leadership materials in LinkedIn groups and Twitter.

Introducing ROBERT TOOGOOD - Solutions



Robert can help you to learn from your experiences… by reviewing the effectiveness of key processes such as project or risk activities to ensure they are still fit for purpose.


Robert can help you and your organisation to organise yourselves more effectively to implement change … possibly in the form of a business transformation programme; governance, risk management and compliance activities or maybe a recent merger, acquisition or divestiture.


Robert can help you to rescue a project, portfolio or programme or some other form of strategic implementation initiative that is failing to deliver on expectations.


Robert can help you achieve your full potential during a period of significant change and/or challenge.


Robert can help you to find out more about some new or existing area of interest using the extensive resources available to him, combined with his passionate interest and enthusiasm.

Introducing ROBERT TOOGOOD - Case Studies


    "Made a major personal contribution to the success of the project and has shown a high level of commitment and dedication throughout."

    Client: Office Products Company


    "Good at uncovering complexity and trying to make sense of it, to help your colleagues understand what's really going on."

    Client: Consumer Healthcare Company


    "Good at identifying details and following up to nag people to get things done."

    Client: Medical Devices & Diagnostics Company


    “He's the ideal right hand man, a bit like Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder reminding you of stuff that needs sorting.”

    Client: Medical Devices Company


    "We wouldn't be where we are today without your expertise."

    Client: Medical Devices Company

Introducing ROBERT TOOGOOD - Contact



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